Friday, November 1, 2013

Last minute thoughts before the race

So it's Monday.  Six sleeps.  I'm just a teensy bit irritable and am eating everything in sight.  I'm not in a peak training week, so this kind of thing just can't go on for any longer.  It's also days before Halloween, and I have already made the mistake of buying candy and opening a box.  And finishing a box.  Why didn't I do my usual Ask-my-neighbour-to-safekeep-the-candy-until-Halloween-because-we-have-no-self-control trick?

I got in an easy early 8k (5:42 pace) and was home before the kiddos got up.  Then it was off to my sports doc for one more visit before race day:  ultrasound and graston were on tap today.   I hit the yoga studio for a rather introspective hot yoga class shortly after. Lots of good thoughts and deep hip stretches happened. Yay for yoga.


More hot yoga.   (How much do I love that place??)  Hammie is a bit cranky today, and I've not been rolling/icing as diligently lately.  Probably not a good idea five days in from THE MOST IMPORTANT HALF-MARATHON OF MY LIFE.   Ok, I may be just a smidge overdramatizing, but I can't deny I'm putting some major pressure on myself to meet my goals this Sunday.

And that goal:  stay with Patty and Emma.  Can I really pull out a sub-1:50?

It's a fast half-marathon.  A big net-downhill, with a fast downhill zooooooom for 5k, which is awesome, but hard on your quads, and then you have to ask your legs to keep going for another 12+ km.  My plan:  run hard, pay for it later.  Don't think about the pace (yeah, right!), just run.

Until then, this brain has got to chill out.


8k and test-drive of possible race outfit.  Conclusion?  Undecided. Long sleeve?  Short sleeve? Gah!


Last 6k with 2k at race pace to remind those legs of mine what to do on Sunday.

I think my biggest obstacle will be my brain on this one.  And not vomiting out my lungs as we come tearing down the Red Hill Expressway, but I digress. I have to keep telling myself "I can" and not let any negative thoughts or doubts sneak in.  

Every race, I have one song that ends up being my motivator or theme-song.  That for months (or years after), every time I hear that song, I'll think of that race.

This one's going to be "Anything" by Hedley:

(Psst!  Lyrics are not safe for little ears)

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